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News May 2001

News:- Update - 30-May-2001

New DVD Movies added:

Jurassic Park - Collector's Edition R2
Jurassic Park 2 - The lost world - Collector's Edition R2

"Mimic 2" cover added and "Box art" from Jurassic Park is added to the DVD Boxes page.

News:- Update - 26-May-2001

New DVD Movies added:

Rushmore R2 (NOR)

Bill Murray page is updated.

News:- Update - 25-May-2001

New DVD Movies added:

Charlie's Angels SE R2 (NOR)
Lawrence of Arabia 2-Disc R2 (NOR)

PC Friendly Art added:

Lawrence of Arabia

Over 22 movies are added the last 4 days. Scroll down the news to see the lists.

News:- Update - 24-May-2001

New DVD Movies added:

Avengers, The R2 (NOR)
Caddyshack R2 (NOR)
Falling Down R2 (NOR)
Maximum Overdrive R1 (USA)
Police Academy R2 (NOR)
Risky Business R2 (NOR)
Army of Darkness LE info page is heavily updated!

SCI-FI, Horror, Crazy Comedy pages updated!

New "Movies Categorized" sections: UFO, Michael Keaton, James Cameron, Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, Russell Mulcahy and Charles Russell

News:- Update - 23-May-2001

New DVD Movies added (Region 2):

Alley Cats RF (USA)
American Beauty R2 (NOR)
Bonnie and Clyde R2 (NOR)
Life of Brian R2 (NOR)
Out of sight - Collector's Edition R2 (NOR)
Snatch - Special Edition 2-Disc (UK)

Old Movies, Gold Coin, Limited Edition pages updated!

News:- Update - 21-May-2001

New DVD Movies added (Region 2 - NOR):

Bean R2
Black Eagle
Dark Skies - The Movie
Citizen X R2
Nirvana R2
Storm of the Century
Getaway, The (Updated)

SCI-FI, Martial Arts pages updated!

Rock Star poster added!

Here is more movies that i have bought and will be added.

Bonnie & Clyde, Snatch 2-Disc, Police Academy, Caddyshack, Falling Down, the Getaway, The Avengers, Risky Business, American Beauty, Out of sight, Life of Brian, Alley Cat, Maximum Overdrive, Lawrence of Arabia 2-Disc, Charlie's Angels C.E. , High Fidelity.

News:- Update - 9-May-2001

New DVD Movies added:

From Dusk Till Dawn - Collector's Edition 2-Disc R2
From Dusk Till Dawn 2 - Texas Blood Money R2
From Dusk Till Dawn 3 - The Hangman's Daughter

Vampire Movie, Box Art and Gold Coin pages updated!

Cover and Box Art added:

From Dusk Till Dawn - Box
Die Hard - Ultimate Edition

News:- Update - 7-May-2001

New DVD Movies added:

Terminator, The SE 2-Disc R2

SCI-FI Movie and Gold Coin pages updated!

PC Friendly Art added:

The Terminator

News:- Update - 5-May-2001

New DVD Movies added:

Tales from the darkside - The Movie R2

Horror Movies page updated!

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