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News April 2000


News:- Coins- 30-April-2000

GOLD Coins:

Gold Coins is now added on all DVD releases that is higly recommended.

Look out for on the review/dvd info list pages. All listings is also cleaned up.

Top Lists section is now added.

DVD Added from the old page:

A Bug's Life R1 w/2 reviews
Death Race 2000 w/1 review
Enter the Dragon - 25th Anniversary Edition - w/2 reviews
Vampires R1 w/1 review

New Reviews:

Batman Forever
Batman & Robin
Cruel Intensions
Dirty Harry
American Pie

Tons of IMDB links and Ratings are added on movies in the Movie info pages.

News:- DVD added- 29-April-2000

DVD added:

Arachnophobia R2 (Anamorphic Widescreen)
Vampires R2 (Anamorphic Widescreen)

Alien Legacy - Alien - 20th Anniversary Edition
Alien Legacy - Aliens - Special Edition
Alien Legacy - Alien 3
Alien Legacy - Alien Resurrection

New Section ADDED and is called "DVD Boxes".

I will also very soon add a Gold Coin on the DVD's that is highly recommended.

News:- DVD added- 26-April-2000

DVD added:

The Messenger - The story of Joan of Arc

Alien Legacy and more will be added, but i have been on Vacation, so that's why i haven't updated much.

News:- DVD added- 25-April-2000

DVD added:

Tania Russof - The Story - Collector's Edition

News:- DVD added- 18-April-2000

DVD added:

A Bug's Life R2 (Småkryp, Norwegian Version, Anamorphic Widescreen)
Life - Collector's Edition R2

News:- Art added- 16-April-2000

PCF Art added:

End of Days
House on Haunted Hill
The Abyss
Three Kings

News:- DVD added- 13-April-2000

DVD added:

I got some of theese 1 week before USA release..:)

End of Days - Collectors Edition R1
House on Haunted Hill - Special Edition R1
Three Kings - Special Edition R1 (This DVD and Movie kicks ass!)
The Abyss - Special Edition R1 (This DVD and Movie kicks ass!)

From the old pages, these is added:

Armageddon - Criterion Collection / Director's Cut
The Blair Witch Project (Last years biggest disepointment)
Toxic Avenger - Unrated Director's Cut

News:- Easter Eggs- 11-April-2000

Hidden Features added:

NOTE: Elm Street and other Newline Cinema discs have the "hidden" Newline logo as standard on their menu's and will not be added as this is not a hidden feature and the same applies to the Trailer sections on Universal Collector's edition discs.

Alien Legacy - Alien - 20th Anniversary Edition
Alien Legacy - Aliens - Special Edition
Alien Legacy - Alien 3
Alien Legacy - Alien Resurrection
Three Kings
The Abyss - Updated list

News:- DVD Update- 10-April-2000

DVD Update:

Players page is updated.

Here are some movies that should atleast be added this week as i have ordered almost all of theml today..:)

A Bug's Life - R2
Arachnophobia - R2
Alien Legacy - Alien - 20th Anniversary Edition
Alien Legacy - Aliens - Special Edition
Alien Legacy - Alien 3
Alien Legacy - Alien Resurrection
Blues Brothers - Collectors Edition
End of Days - Special Edition
House on the Haunted Hill - Special Edition
James Bond Story
Kiss - The Second Coming
Life - Collectors Edition - R2
Robocop - Criterion Collection
The Abyss - Special Edition
Three Kings - Special Edition
Vampires - Special Edition - R2

News:- DVD added- 4-April-2000

DVD added:

American Pie - Region 1

PCF Art added:

American Pie - PC Friendly Art

News:- DVD added- 3-April-2000

DVD added:

Cruel Intensions - Region 2

From the old pages, these goodies is added :)

The Matrix - Region 1 w/2 reviews
The Mummy - Region 1 w/3 reviews
Cannibal Holocaust - Region 2 - NTSC w/review

News:- DVD added- 1-April-2000

DVD's added:

Dirty Harry - Region 2
Gilda - Region 2
Heavy Metal - Region 2

5 DVD Menu's added including movie stills:

Dark City
Lake Placid
Redneck Zombies
The Mask of Zorro - PAL
Trick or Treat

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