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News March 2000


News:- DVD added- 30/Mar/00

From the old pages, these is added:

Evil Dead
Ghostbusters 2
The Thing
Troma's War

Review for Apocalypse Now is added.

News:- Easter Eggs- 28/Mar/00

Hidden feature from Starship Troopers is added:

News:- DVD added- 26/Mar/00

From the old pages, these is added:

Blodsucking Freaks - Director's Cut
Hellraiser 2 - Hellbound
Night of the Living Death 30th Anniversary Limited Edition
Redneck Zombies - Director's Cut
The Big Lebowski

Pantera: 3 Vulgar Videos from hell

Reviews:- DVD Update- 25/Mar/00

Here is 6 new reviews by Eivind Bøe.

Lake Placid
The 13th Warrior
To kill with intrigue
Ultimate UFO DVD - 2nd Review

News:- DVD Menu- 25/Mar/00

DVD Menu's and Images is added from:

The Fifth Element
The Haunting

News:- Easter Eggs- 24/Mar/00

Hidden Features from The Abyss is added:

More menu screens will be added during this weekend.

News:- DVD added- 23/Mar/00

DVD added:

Apocalypse Now - Region 1

From the old pages, these is added:

Batman Returns - Region 2
Batman Forever - Region 2
Batman & Robin - Region 2
Starship Troopers - Region 1
The Fifth Element - Region 2
The Mask of Zorro - Region 1
The Mask of Zorro - Region 2

News:- Menu added- 22/Mar/00

Menu added:

The cool Stigmata menu is added to the DVD menu's page.

News:- DVD added- 21/Mar/00

DVD added:

Stigmata - Region 1

News:- DVD added- 20/Mar/00

DVD's added:

Lake Placid - Region 1
Wild Wild West - Region 1
Wild Wild West - Region 2

News:- DVD added- 19/Mar/00

DVD's added:

Beetlejuice - Region 2 - Includes 3 Reviews
Goodfellas - Region 2 - Includes 2 Reviews

Reviews:- DVD Update- 18/Mar/00

This page is now finally moved to a permanent server.

Here are 6 new reviews.

The Ultimate UFO! - The Complete Evidence
The Getaway
New Fist of Fury

DVD's Added:

Reservoir Dogs

News:- DVD added- 13/Mar/00

New DVD's added:

Bullitt - Region 2
EDtv - Region 2
The 13th Warrior - Region 2

News:- DVD added- 09/Mar/00

New DVD added:

Ultimate UFO! 2-DVD - Region Free

There will be added 2 reviews of this DVD. One from Robert and one from Eivind.

News:- Update- 08/Mar/00

Review for Analyze This! is now added and more is on the way.

News:- Update- 05/Mar/00

I will move this page to a new server very soon with unlimited space.

This page will then get daily updates. I will add some more movies tomorrow and more reviews will also be aded this week.

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