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News February 2001

News:- Update - 26-February-2001

New DVD Movie added:

Tremors - Collector's Edition (Marksommer) R2

News:- Update - 24-February-2001

New DVD Movies added:

Cleopatra - 1999 R1
Taxi R2
The Magical Legend of the Leprechauns R1

Hallmark page is also updated!

There are now over 300 movies in the database!

News:- Update - 23-February-2001

New DVD Movies added:

Bedazzled R1 (The first NUON compatible disc released)
Natural Born Killers Director's Cut R2
Shriek if you know what i did last friday the 13th R1

Parody page is also updated!

There is still 18 days until Bedazzled will be released in the US, but i got the US R1 version already at my local store in Norway.

News:- Update - 20-February-2001

Messageboard is added, so check it out :-)

DVD Source

News:- Update - 10-February-2001

New DVD Movies added:

Happy, Texas - Collector's Series R1
James Bond Special - Europe RF

News:- Update - 8-February-2001

New covers and posters:

These are added at the Cover Art page:

Alien Nation
Dawn of the dead
Day of the dead
Deep Star Six
Dogma SE
Enemy Mine
Flåklypa Grand Prix 2xDVD
Gladiators (Old movie)
Lawrence of Arabia SE
Manhunter LE
Rated X
Return of the living dead - PAL
Rocky SE
Terror Firmer Unrated
The Doors
The Prisoner


Crocodile Dundee 3
The Mummy Returns

News:- Update - 7-February-2001

New exclusive sneak preview!

Flåklypa Grand Prix - Demo Disc R2 (Norway)

New menus added:

Flåklypa Grand Prix Demo Disc menus
Maximum Overdrive

News:- Update - 5-February-2001

Sorry for the lack of updates becaue i have been busy, but i will update more often now. I haven't bought many movies lately, but one now and Tremors CD R2 and Taxi is close. Other than that i have lots of hidden features, new dvd covers and menus.

New DVD Movie added:

Arrival, The R2
Mummy, The R1 (Updated)

News:- Update - 19-January-2001

New covers and posters:

These are added at the DVD Boxes page:

Rocky Gift Set 5xDVD

These are added at the Cover Art page:

Ben-Hur - Updated
Creepshow 2
Get Carter (2000)
Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man
Legend of the drunken Master
Maximum Overdrive
Navy Seals
Porky's 1 & 2
Return of the living dead 3 - PAL
Smilla's sense of snow
The Crow - Salvation
The killing fields
The Last of the Mohicans - DTS
Thin red line - DTS


Dungeons & Dragons

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