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News February 2000

News:- Leap Year- 29/Feb/00

Leap Year

Read more about it here

News:- DVD added- 27/Feb/00

New DVD Movies added:

New fist of fury - Region 1
To kill with intrigue - Region 1

Easter Egg:- Mystery Men- 26/Feb/00

Hidden feature is added for Mystery Men

News:- The Ultimate Ufo! DVD- 25/Feb/00

UFO City has recently released a DVD:

The Ultimate UFO! is a double DVD that contains tons of info, videos, films and more.

Here are some of the features:

- 5 1/2 hours of astonishing film and video clips excerpts from the USAF's
 Project Blue Book Archive and official NASA footage from the Gemini, Apollo
 and Discovery Missions!

- In-depth commentary by ufologists Peter Robbins and J. Antonio Huneeus!

- DVD-ROM including 250 pages of authentic government documents, links
  to UFO websites, and much more! 

This DVD will be reviewed as soon as i recieve a copy.

Link to

Review:- Papillon- 25/Feb/00

New review added:

Papillon - Region 1 - Click here to read it.

News:- DVD added- 24/Feb/00

New DVD Movies added:

Excalibur (Long Version) - Region 2
eXistenZ - Region 1

News:- DVD added- 21/Feb/00

New DVD Movies added:

Batman - Region 2
Christine - Region 2

News:- Star Wars - 18/Feb/00

Lucas Arts speaks:

Lucas Arts will only release The Phantom Menace on Laserdisc in Japan and VHS worldwide. You can read the whole thing at

News:- DVD added- 17/Feb/00

New DVD Movies added:

Analyze This - Region 1
Highlander Director's Cut - Region Free
Nikita Region 1

News:- Sleepy Hollow- 16/Feb/00

Paramount is gonna release a Special Edition of Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow with Commentary track by the man himself, DD 5.1 Sound, Anamorphic Widescreen (Unbelievable) and tons of extras. I think the great official web site also will be added. This movie just got 3 Oscar nominations too.

News:- DVD added- 15/Feb/00

New DVD Movies added:

Ace Ventura 2 - When nature calls - Region 2
The Getaway - Region 2

Movies added from old page:

Detroit Rock City - Platinum Edition
Mystery Men

News:- DVD Source Logo- 15/Feb/00

I will thank Sjur Mathisen AKA St.Genius for the new cool DVD Source logo he has made for me/this page.

Check out his new search engine at

News:- More DVD's on the way- 14/Feb/00

The Exorcist will be probably released later this year in a Director's Cut version with several scenes added.

A Rocky DVD box set with all 5 movies is planned to be released later this year from MGM.

Rumours says that we may see Godfather Trilogy this year too from Paramount.  

News:- DVD Added- 14/Feb/00

Papillon from Warner Bros is now added, and you can click here or the cover on the right to access it. 

News:- Finished- 14/Feb/00

The page converting is finally finished, but i am not finished with all the DVD info yet. I will finish theese pages as soon as possible. There are now about 6 movies/reviews online, and you can check out the new layout with even more information about a DVD. :)  

News:- Box Set News - 1/Feb/00

New Line Cinema will stop producing the Nightmare Elm Street box, so if you want one, then you should try to get one as soon as possible.

This box will be very rare soon. 

Link: New Line Cinema

News:- New Layout - 1/Feb/00

Test page of this new is up and it looks much better than the previous Frame based layout. The ability to write your own review is removed servers. 

There will also be more news now and not mainly DVD info as before. Almost everything from my old is being 'converted' to this design. This will take 2-3 weeks i think.

Date News
11/02-2000 Reviews

Reservoir Dogs
10/02-2000 Reviews Movie added today:

  • True Romance Director's Cut
06/02-2000 Reviews

Pantera - 3 Vulgar Video From Hell R2
Batman Forever R2
It's a Wonderful Life - The Collector's Edition R2


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