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News January 2001

News:- Update - 12-January-2001

New DVD Movie and review added:

Hollow Man R1 including review!
The extra features here is listed 100%

This DVD is also added to the Paul Verhoeven section in the "Movies Categorized Section"

DVD's with lots of updated and redesigned information:

Boogie Nights SE R1 2-DVD 
Desperado / El Mariachi CE R2
Detroit Rock City - Platinum Edition R1
Dirty Harry R2
End of Days CE R1
Hellraiser / Hellbound LE R1 2-DVD
House on Haunted Hill SE R1
Lake Placid R1
Robocop - Criterion R1
Starship Troopers SE R1
Twister SE R1

A new section is added which have received GOLD on my page and is called Gold Coin Awards.

News:- Update - 11-January-2001

New Music DVD added:

AC/DC - No Bull - Live in Madrid 1996 R 2,3,4,5,6

News:- Update - 10-January-2001

New DVD Movie added:

Galaxy Quest R1

This DVD is also added to the parody and sci-fi section in the "Movies Categorized Section"
MyDVD is also updated and contains 180 movies alphabetical with thymbnails as usual :)

Lots of hidden features will be added this week.

News:- Update - 5-January-2001

Cover Art added:

Dance of the Demons
Dance of the Demons 2
Highlander 4 Endgame

News:- Update - 4-January-2001

Info is updated on these DVD's:

Fight Club
Pitch Black

Cover Art added:

The Untouchables

News:-New Section - 3-January-2001

New section -> Movies Categorized:

Press here to jump to the page or the link on the left menu!

News:- Update - 1-January-2001

Happy New Year!

New DVD Movies added:

American Yakuza R2
Associate, The R2
Creepshow R2
Fall of the Roman Empire, The R2

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