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News January 2000


Date News
31/01-2000 Reviews Movie added today:

  • An American Werewolf in Paris
26/01-2000 Reviews

Pink Floyd: The Wall
24/01-2000 Reviews Movie added today:

  • Natural Born Killers Director's Cut - Trimark
23/01-2000 Reviews

Bowfinger R1
Demolition Man R2
Midnight in the garden of good and evil. R2
20/01-2000 Hidden Features page is heavily updated, so please check it out..:)
20/01-2000 PC Friendly Art A new page is added and contains images from the PC Friendly setup on DVD-Rom sections on DVD movies.
20/01-2000 Reviews Movie added today:

  • Mystery Men - Universal
19/01-2000 Reviews

Olsen Banden's Siste Stikk (Norwegian movie and review) is added to review page!
18/01-2000 Reviews Movie added today:

  • Life of Brian - Monty Python - The Criterion Collection.
17/01-2000 Reviews Movies Updated!!!

Lethal Weapon 4
Mars Attacks
The Lost Boys
US Marshals
16/01-2000 MyDVD The list of my DVD movies with Thumbnail Covers is now complete, so check it out here..:)
15/01-2000 Reviews

Detroit Rock City - New Line Platinum Series is added to review page!
15/01-2000 Reviews Movie added today:

  • Tatiana 3
14/01-2000 Reviews Movies added today:

Batman & Robin R2
Rocky R2
Spy Hard R2
13/01-2000 Reviews Movie added today:

  • The Black Adder 1 (TV-Series)
10/01-2000 Reviews

Trick or Treat R2 is added to review page!
08/01-2000 Reviews Movie added today:

  • Ravenous
05/01-2000 Reviews
Dumb and Dumber R2 (Dum og Dummere) is added to review page!
01/01-2000 News Happy New Year to all DVD freaks out there! 2000 and nothing is broke here..:)


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